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Project Description
Scientific Calculator ZENO-5000 is a lightweight web application (<40kb), utilizing latest HTML5/CSS3 features and client-side jQuery/Java scripting. Application does not include any graphic files. It is portable, capable of running in online/offline modes on PC/mobile devices


Calculators software are extremely powerful tools, complementing/replacing their hardware counterparts. Calculators implemented as the web “thin client” type of application require the “live” Internet connection. There are certain pros and cons in such approach: “thin client” web applications are “zero-installable” and platform/OS independent, which make them portable, capable of running within any major web browser (it’s relevant to mention, that web browsers are rapidly becoming de facto a “virtual OS”, kind of substitute for real OS in regards to the web applications and services). The need for open Internet connection is certainly a disadvantage in many cases, thus it would be highly desirable to have the calculator application, capable of running in off-line mode as well. Possible solution is to implement the application utilizing just client-scripting, primarily Javascript code, which is compatible with practically any major existing web browser. Such web application could either run in online mode as usual, or it could be downloaded and cached on the client’s platform.

Project contains 4 files to be placed in the same virtual directory:

1. Main file: zeno.htm (file contain dynamic link to jQuery library online)
2. Style sheet (CSS) file: oscZeno.css
3. Computational engine written in Javascript: oscZeno.js
4. Reference file: oscZenoRef.js


Fully compatible with Mozilla/Webkit based Web Browsers, presumably with IE 9. Tested on iPod Touch (Safari) and Windows Phone 7 platforms.
Fig.1. Scientific Calculator ZENO-5000 running in Mozilla FireFox (3.6x), sample screen shot showing the extended key pad

Fig.2. Scientific Calculator ZENO-5000: sample screen shot showing stack register pop-up

Fig.3. Scientific Calculator ZENO-5000: sample screen shot showing the key pad in collapsed mode

About this project

Online Scientific Calculator ZENO-5000 was started as an educational project, intended to demonstrate the power of emerging Internet standards and, namely: HTML 5 and CSS 3, accompanied by increasingly popular jQuery (extension to JavaScript). ZENO is implemented as rich internet application (RIA) with extremely small digital footprint. It does not use any graphic files: all aesthetic enhancements, like color gradients, rounded corners, box shadows, etc. are achieved via new features available in HTML5/CSS 3, thus dramatically simplifying the page layout design and ensuring fast application load. Project ZENO provides deep insight into web applications client-side coding technique. Though intended primarily for the didactic purpose, it could be well suited and customized for many practical computational tasks.

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